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Tengetsu Region by lyrabardock Tengetsu Region :iconlyrabardock:lyrabardock 4 0 League Entrance by lyrabardock League Entrance :iconlyrabardock:lyrabardock 9 1 Gallagher - initial concept by lyrabardock Gallagher - initial concept :iconlyrabardock:lyrabardock 0 0 ShikaTema Family for Contest by lyrabardock ShikaTema Family for Contest :iconlyrabardock:lyrabardock 15 9 Between the City Lights by lyrabardock Between the City Lights :iconlyrabardock:lyrabardock 0 1 Burning Leaves guys by lyrabardock Burning Leaves guys :iconlyrabardock:lyrabardock 2 0 Burning Like Leaves by lyrabardock Burning Like Leaves :iconlyrabardock:lyrabardock 5 0 Nara kids - younger two by lyrabardock Nara kids - younger two :iconlyrabardock:lyrabardock 12 7 Nara kids - older two by lyrabardock Nara kids - older two :iconlyrabardock:lyrabardock 12 7 Inuzuka Makoto by lyrabardock Inuzuka Makoto :iconlyrabardock:lyrabardock 8 2
Dissolving from the inside
Vanishing with the high tide
I appreciate the slow ache
Coming from all that you confide
Have you ever really been aware
That I've always been right there?
I've come to find you're completely blind
To the fact that someone cares
Something inside has broken
The weight is just too much
My sanity is slipping away
And I'm falling out of touch
Now the line begins to blur
which side will I land on?
The line begins to blur
there's nothing left to stand on
And with the final moments
Replaying in my head
The line begins to blur
Until definition's dead
Tattered emotions hidden behind
A smile I always managed to find
Buried beneath the guilt and grief
Oh how blatantly I've lied
All my actions out of love?
It was only me I've been thinking of
Wanted no one to see that the real me
Was so different from the skin above
The surface has begun to crack
The weight is just too much
The facade is crumbling away
And I'm falling out of touch
Now t
:iconlyrabardock:lyrabardock 0 4
Tobitai by lyrabardock Tobitai :iconlyrabardock:lyrabardock 1 2 Sword-ament by lyrabardock Sword-ament :iconlyrabardock:lyrabardock 2 0
Unconsciouness's Apology
Nothing more than a coward
I stand before the judge
It all scares me now
What I am, what I knew
What I'm destined for
Flashes of love for everyone that passes
Loathing a second later
Which will persist in the end?
That depends solely
On which dreams come true
A strong enough wind
Will break even the most stable of wings
With the end on the horizon
I don't doubt only one will make it:
My intentions or my existence
The meanings are apparent
How can you reject fate?
Especially when that end writes itself
Rejecting you not only from input
But from the result as well
I've seen the truth, and I'm sorry
There's no way any of us
Could have expected
The realities hidden all along
Deep in that forest
:iconlyrabardock:lyrabardock 0 0
Morning Feathers
Last night, tears fell
Such a needless waste; you should have saved them
For all the things you'll smile about
Now, upon forgetting you'd fallen asleep
Tightly fastened to my arm
(or the other way around, perhaps-
I never have liked letting you go)
I find you smiling and golden
Sleeping, oblivious to the morning coming through the window
One last time I'll wipe away the salt
Whisper good morning to your eyes
Sweetly preen your wings
Then I'll let you go
For at last, you belong somewhere else
And I couldn't be more proud to see you leave
:iconlyrabardock:lyrabardock 1 2
Goosebumps on the Roadmap
I think I've finally identified the mechanical ones.
All these accusations have flown for years
But now here we are
Shuffling silently along without objection to our fate
We know it's wrong
But we know it's the way things are
So we accept it as the only truth there is
And continue to glide through our days
Tearless in our goodbyes
Smileless in our hellos
Emotionless in our embraces
How robotic are we?
One little pause could change everything
But the only certain path is the one we're already on
Preconstructed and perfectly carved
The ruts there to guide our well-oiled wheels
So there's no hesitation
No sign, outside our own minds
That anything has passed between our hearts, souls, bodies
That either of us are even considering
The option of stopping
Because, with the risk involved
It can't be an option at all
How robotic are we?
Oh, how perfectly our logic circuits function
Choosing the safest, most effective path
Who cares if such actions
Sacrifice a few moments of (no longer) precious
:iconlyrabardock:lyrabardock 0 1

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... yaaaaaaaaaaar.
United States
The comic's not quite ready, but I'm not gonna let that stop us from loading up some of the better sketches and the completed character art for you to see.

We officially have a DA page now, and you can find it here: twentytwo-eighteen.deviantart.…

Please check it out!



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